Why Vote “Yes” for Vinings?

Key Reasons to Vote “Yes” for Vinings Cityhood

  • No tax increase
  • Ensure that all zoning efforts are decided locally
  • Stop high-density development that causes traffic and crime to rise
  • A $1.2 million annual surplus that can be used to benefit the city at its discretion
  • Create more community green space, walking trails, bike paths, and parks
  • Fully implement the Vinings Vision Plan

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  • Become a Vinings Ambassador for your neighborhood
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Get Involved! Become a Cityhood Advocate

The VEC is an advocacy group. Our goal is to educate Vinings residents on the benefits of cityhood and encourage people to vote “YES” on May 24, 2022. All funds raised will be used to support this effort.

Help us get the word out to our neighbors.

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