What We Get If We Vote “Yes!” (that we do NOT get if we DON’T)   (VEC Email sent May 13, 2022)

Early voting has begun, and we are asking for your YES! vote either by voting early or on Election Day May 24th.

A few of the many benefits of becoming a City of Vinings include:

– Local representation by your neighbors
– Local zoning control
– A conservative estimate of $3.09 million in annual revenue
– More than $1.21 million annual surplus after ALL expenses are paid, including professional city staff
– Citywide code enforcement
– Parks and Green Space
– Vinings Vision Plan implementation
– Future SPLOST money that we do not receive now
– City-only grants
– City-only money that now goes to other cities in GA will come directly to Vinings

Becoming a City will not:

– Affect your senior school tax exemption, as only state legislation can do this
– Raise your taxes…many cities across Georgia have been able to do this effectively

This is our chance to permanently protect Vinings from out-of-control development, increased traffic, and to secure Vinings for the future.

Local control is the best way to keep taxes and density low in Vinings. The time to vote YES! is now.

[Visit our Voting Information page to find out when, how and where to vote for Vinings Cityhood.]