Vinings Needs More Green Space  (VEC Email sent May 20, 2022)

Beautiful, isn’t it?

This rendering of the proposed “Vinings Common” at the corner of Paces Ferry and Paces Mill is a great example that came out of the Vinings Vision Plan.

A new City of Vinings can make projects like this HAPPEN – it will have its own resources available to prioritize implementing green space opportunities.

One of the three core services that a City of Vinings will be offering directly is Parks & Recreation. As you may know, in the map of the proposed City, we only currently have one park: Trolley Line Park.

The County, by its own reckoning, only spent $2760 on that park last year. It appears they are trying to spend LESS this year:


One of the questions we get asked a lot is “Where is there any green space left in Vinings?”

A new city can initiate a long-term plan to identify and pay for additional green space after obtaining extensive citizen input, by using the budget surplus, grants, and SPLOST money to be available in the next round of SPLOST funding.

The ability to add new green space, executing the Vision Plan, and taking good care of what we have are more great reasons to Vote “YES!” for Vinings.


And don’t forget – today is the last day of Advance Voting!


Best Regards,

The Vinings Exploratory Committee


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