There They Go Again…  (VEC Email sent May 17, 2022)

In their latest mailing, the naysayers are claiming that the Cobb County Commission Chair did not “promise ‘affordable housing’ next door.”

Cobb County is promising “affordable housing” next door.  FALSE

Here’s the actual video of Lisa Cupid promising just that on March 31st in her State of Cobb address.

We trust you can decide for yourself.

Even more disturbing, Cupid appears to be doubling down on her promise.

Recently, she took a trip to Austin TX and toured that city’s new 500 “Micro-home” homeless village that was built right next to a single-family residential area in Austin.

According to the Atlanta Regional Commission, which organized the trip, one of the key themes Cupid and other attendees explored was how Austin revamped its zoning code “to create more density.”

The naysayers continue to ignore the truth and try to persuade us to do so as well.

Simple question: Whom do you want to control zoning in Vinings, people from all over Cobb who have no vested interest in our community or our neighbors from the community itself?

To ensure control of our future, Vote YES! for Vinings on May 24th.

Best Regards,

The Vinings Exploratory Committee

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