How We Keep City Government SMALL

To prevent runaway taxation, development of massive unneeded public buildings, and runaway growth of city government, we are proposing to do what many new cities have done in Georgia in the past 20 years or so, which is to create a city using a minimalist approach model that will keep city spending as low as possible:

  • Take on the fewest number of services that the state will allow: THREE (see below)
  • Create a part-time city council, with low compensation

The three services that we propose to take on as a city are:

  • Planning and Zoning
  • Code Enforcement
  • Parks and Recreation

We believe that taking on these three services as a minimum starting point that we will be cost-effective. In our discussions with our neighbors, it appears that other, higher-cost services such as police, fire, water, and 911 service are being handled well by the County. Any additional services can be addressed at a later time,  but would be subject to state legislative approval.

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The VEC is an advocacy group. Our goal is to educate Vinings residents on the benefits of cityhood and encourage people to vote “YES” on May 24, 2022. All funds raised will be used to support this effort.

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