UGA Carl Vinson Institute Feasibility Study

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Study Highlights

“…the Institute of Government research team finds that likely available revenues exceed likely expenditures for the services identified to be provided, and therefore conclude that a city comprising the Vinings study area is fiscally feasible. ”  [Emphasis supplied]

“Because the proposed city would not be providing some of the more expensive services such as fire or law enforcement, and because some of the services to be provided (e.g., building permitting) involve service charges that can generate revenue, it is assumed that the proposed new city would not levy a property tax.”  [Emphasis supplied]

Cost of the Study

This study cost $22,000 and was funded entirely by contributions by concerned citizens and groups donating to the Vinings Exploratory Committee, Inc. This is a non-profit corporation that has been created for the sole purpose of educating the community via this feasibility study and other means on what it would take to become the City of Vinings.

A Study is Required by Law

As a prerequisite to forming a city, the State of Georgia requires a professionally-conducted feasibility study to be performed by one of three accredited university groups. This study must be executed between the filing of the cityhood bill and the next legislative session.

After extensive research and discussions with other recently formed cities, we chose the Carl Vinson Institute of the University of Georgia.

We thank the Vinson Institute for their professionalism, thoroughness, and commitment to detail. It should be noted that they delivered the Study approximately 3 weeks prior to their committed due date.

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