City Council and Governance

The city council would be made up of:

  • A mayor, elected by a majority of all city voters
  • The mayor will have a vote on the council and may serve up to two consecutive terms
  • Four Council members will be elected at-large by majority from four districts as drawn by the State Reapportionment Office according to the 2020 census
  • Initially, two Council members and the Mayor would be elected for five year terms, and two Council members would be elected for three year terms, so as to stagger the terms
  • After the initial election terms, all Council members will be elected to four year terms
  • Council members must reside in their districts and the Mayor must reside in the City
  • Council members may serve up to two consecutive terms

Please use the link to download all the details of the proposed Charter, included in House Bill 840.

Download House Bill 840 Here

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