Be a part of history by becoming a Member of the City of Vinings Founders’ Club today by contributing a minimum of $250 toward the cityhood effort. This will ensure that we provide educational letters, signs, in-person outreach, digital outreach, and more to all of our Vinings neighbors. You will also receive your very own Vinings yard sign.

Any amount more than $250 would be greatly appreciated in ensuring the cityhood effort is successful. Please consider a donation of $1000 or more.

Our goal is $50,000.

Become a City of Vinings Founders’ Club member today and have your name go on a plaque that will be presented to the new mayor and displayed in a central location in the City of Vinings.

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City of Vinings Founders’ Club Members

Jane & Trevor Woodhams
Judy & Frank Strickland
Margaret Ann & Don Martin
Bob Magill
Mark R. Conner
Ron Sifen
Mary & Greg Thompson
Wayne C. Forester
Lois Sifen
Jennifer Barnes
Kathy & Aldo Calvi
Bonner & Steve Sasser
Karl Fillip
Betty & Paul Troup
Phyl & Monte Johnson
Ellen & Cullen Hammond
Taryn Bowman
Tom Ham
Cathy Henson & Jimmy Eastham
Mark Bradley
Kate & Bruce Cotterman
Anne Brady
Pierre & Alexandra Panos
Matthew Howard
Diana Hoyt
Kim Nikles
Matthew O’Sullivan
Lee Noles
James Thompson
Kay & Jim Polk
B & Pete DeBuys
Patti Chilivis
Alex Dominguez
Suzie Donaldson
Joyce & William Poole
Suzanne Poole Foret
Gina Jones
Greg Thompson
Charles Bowen
Zachary Story
Cathy Demyanek
Mark Woolman Preston
Patti Peach
Cathy and Tom Towles
Bryan and Sharon Owens
Suzanne and Matthew Howard
Rachel Barlow
The McTigue Family
Sally and Randy Wolfe

(Members willing to share their names publicly)

Total Members as of 5/20/22: 93