How a City of Vinings Will Prosper  (VEC Email sent May 19, 2022)

Becoming a City of Vinings comes with many benefits. We have discussed local control, zoning, a city manager, and now we want to discuss the monetary benefits, which are plentiful.

Here is a chart of the income the new city would be entitled to right off the bat (from the UGA Feasibility Study):

As seen in the chart, one of the monetary benefits is franchise fees. In the simplest terms franchise fees are fees you are already paying, but because we are not a city, Vinings doesn’t receive any of that money, instead it goes to other cities throughout the state. And, as seen in the table, it is substantial – $915K a year.

Please see our FAQ for more detailed information on franchise fees:

In addition to what you see in the income chart, there will be other revenue streams that are not taken into account in the feasibility study, such as future SPLOST dollars that we do not receive now and that would become automatically available to the city based on the SPLOST formula of cities receiving these funds. Approximately, an additional $1.5 million per year in revenue will become available to Vinings if we continue to pass SPLOST legislation.  For example, Austell, a similar sized city in Cobb, just received $9.7M in the latest SPLOST.

If Vinings is not a city, we do not get any money directly, nor do we have a say in the projects we receive. In the current six year SPLOST, Vinings will directly benefit from only two projects: a library remodel (Cobb is updating libraries all across Cobb), and a bridge on N Elizabeth Lane over Gilmore Creek.

Lastly, cities can apply for grants, totaling millions of dollars, for improvements like parks and other community projects. By becoming a city, Vinings can qualify for millions of dollars of city grants at no cost to the city. Some great examples of this are: Tucker, $1.5M from Federal funds for a walking trail; Brookhaven, $75K grant from Resurgens Foundation for a playground; Smyrna, grants from Federal CARES Act to assist restaurants and small businesses affected by COVID. The list goes on and on.

As you can see, and like the UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute confirms, a City of Vinings will be fiscally healthy and strong.

We hope this is another one of the many reasons you will vote YES for Vinings!

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The Vinings Exploratory

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