How a City of Vinings Will be Governed and Managed  (VEC Email sent May 18, 2022)

One topic we would like to discuss with you is the form of governance that a City of Vinings will have per the Charter built into House Bill 840.

There will be four city council members and a mayor. Each city council member will be voted on at-large and must reside in the district he or she represents. The mayor may live anywhere in Vinings. All council members and the mayor are elected for four-year terms and are limited to serving two consecutive terms.

We will have what is known as a council-manager form of governance with a hired professional city manager, like many of the new cities started in the metro area over the last 20 years. This combines the leadership of elected officials (mayor and council) with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local manager. This way responsiveness to citizens can be enhanced, as administrative accountability is centralized in one individual, and provides citizens with greater opportunities to serve their community and to influence its future.

The city manager will be in charge of the day-to-day operations and business of the city. This will be the person whom we can turn to anytime with cityhood issues.

The part-time city council members will receive $8,000 a year, and the part-time mayor will receive $9,000 a year. The city manager will receive a full-time professionally compensated salary. The city manager will hire a staff of approximately nine people to assist in running the city. This is all accounted for in the feasibility study in the expense estimates, leaving us with a $1.2M surplus after all expenses, including salaries, are paid.

Feasibility Study from UGA

Based on the discussions we have had with many talented city managers in our area, we are confident that the city council will have no trouble in finding a highly qualified city manager for Vinings who will, in turn, hire excellent people to work for our community.

We hope this is another great reason for you to Vote “YES” for Vinings over the next week.

Best Regards,

The Vinings Exploratory

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