Election Day is Here!  (VEC Email sent May 24, 2022)

Election Day is upon us, and we encourage everyone to get out and vote, if you haven’t already. Make sure all your friends and neighbors vote too. Our great American experiment relies on voting.

Why Vote “Yes”

If we vote “Yes,” a City of Vinings will be created. In our new city, we will be able to shape our destiny and solidify our identity with local control by people that live down the street from you, not halfway across the county.
Here’s a recap of the top reasons to vote “Yes”:

  • Local control of zoning
  • Government closer to us and more responsive
  • Professional city manager and staff (fully paid for by city revenue)
  • No tax increase needed to fund city government
  • Effective code enforcement
  • More green space
  • A $1.2 million city budget surplus annually
  • Direct SPLOST payments (potentially more than $1 million/yr)
  • Ability to receive grants only for cities
  • City-only revenue that now goes to other cities that Vinings doesn’t share in as unincorporated Cobb County

Cityhood does NOT mean:

  • Losing your senior school tax exemption (only the state can change that)
  • Raising your taxes
  • Losing your Atlanta address (if that’s important to you)

We again want to take the opportunity to thank all our committee members, volunteers, and supporters. It has been an honor working with you all.

Please join us tonight at Hotel Indigo for an Election Watch Party starting at 8pm.

Kindest regards,

The Vinings Exploratory Committee
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