Cupid Promises High-Density Housing “Next Door to You”  (VEC Email sent April 6, 2022)

In Lisa Cupid’s State of the County address last week, the centerpiece of her agenda was high-density housing.

Cupid promised to bring high-density housing “next door to you,” threatening the destruction of single-family neighborhoods in Cobb County.

She then doubled down by stating confidently that she would “do what it takes” to make this happen.

Click on the image to watch a key video clip of Cupid’s agenda for Cobb County now:


Cupid has told us, in no uncertain terms, exactly why we must vote “YES” for a City of Vinings on May 24th.

This is our chance to save our community from the ongoing threat of high-density development.
Best Regards,

The Vinings Exploratory Committee

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