City of Vinings Update and Founders’ Club  (VEC Email sent February 24, 2022)

Exciting news!

Yesterday, Governor Kemp signed House Bill 840, allowing for us as a community, to vote on whether we want to become our own city and bring representation closer to the people of Vinings.

The referendum will be on the May 24, 2022 ballot. Should the referendum pass, we will have the opportunity to vote on our citywide Mayor and four district City Council Members in the November 2022 General Election.

Right now, Cobb County, with a population of about 766,149, has four commissioners. Our county commissioner represents almost 200,000 people. Should Vinings become a city with approximately 7,061 residents, our four City Council Members would each represent about 1,765 of us, instead of a whopping 200,000! Local representation is at the core of our effort.

This is an important time for Vinings. Be a part of history and become a member of the City of Vinings Founders’ Club today by contributing a minimum of $250 toward the cityhood effort. This will ensure that we provide educational letters, signs, in-person outreach, digital outreach, and more to all of our Vinings neighbors. You will also receive a “Vinings YES!” yard sign.

Any amount more than $250 would be greatly appreciated in ensuring the cityhood effort is successful. Please consider a donation of $1000 or more.


Our goal is $50,000.

Become a City of Vinings Founders’ Club member today and have your name go on a plaque that will be presented to the new Mayor and displayed in a central location in the City of Vinings.

Are you ready to get that green space we’ve always wanted?

Are you ready to enjoy a $1,211,291 yearly surplus in revenue per the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute fiscal feasibility study?

…and get our share of SPLOST dollars to accomplish the list of projects that we want locally?

Do you want to preserve the unique history of Vinings and protect the suburban lifestyle that we enjoy now?

If local control with no tax increase is appealing to you, we encourage you to join us!

Please visit our website and join us today.


You may also send a check to:
The Vinings Exploratory Committee
PO Box 725223
Atlanta, GA 31139

Email us at with any questions or comments.

The Vinings Exploratory Committee

Taryn Bowman

Tom Ham

Cullen Hammond

Jimmy Eastham

Alana Shepherd

Frank Strickland

Trevor Woodham

Jane Woodham

Patti Peach

[Visit our Voting Information page to find out when, how and where to Vote YES! for Vinings Cityhood.]