Are New Property Taxes Inevitable? Of Course Not!  (VEC Email sent April 26, 2022)

One of the most disturbing things our misguided opposition is saying is that if Vinings becomes a city, tax increases would be inevitable, that it ALWAYS happens that way.

That is just not true.

Let’s take Peachtree Corners as an example. They have been a city for 10 years, and have been able to do some amazing things for their citizens, ALL WITHOUT RAISING PROPERTY TAXES ONE CENT.

When we spoke at length to Brian Johnson, the City Manager of Peachtree Corners, we asked him how they did it.

He said it was not that hard – they just didn’t spend any more than they took in.

So, it can be done – it just takes fiscal restraint, the WILL to do it.

Does the opposition have so little faith that we as citizens can find and elect 5 people out of our 7000+ that would show this type of restraint? In an affluent suburb that has a LOT of smart people?

We believe that we as citizens of Vinings should DEMAND that people that run for city council are open about their positions on new property taxes. We would encourage our fellow citizens to vote against anyone that would increase them, and vote out anybody that does.

The opposition must believe the worst about human nature, that somehow the “citizen legislators” that we envision will somehow be overtaken by greed and corruption. Well, that’s the whole point of making the annual stipend under $10,000 for those roles – if you’re in it for power, you’re in the wrong city.

We don’t want lifetime politicians, and we don’t think YOU do either. That’s why in the Charter, everyone on the Council will be term-limited.

A big part of taking control of the destiny of Vinings is local control of the taxation of our citizens. It’s not your neighbors being on the City Council you should be concerned with, it’s the behemoth bigger governments that continue to tax and spend and try to control your lives.

The opposition has also openly criticized the INDEPENDENT UGA Feasibility Study, calling into question both their methodology and their independence. The study states unequivocally that Vinings will have a $1.2 million annual surplus AND that a city property tax would not be necessary.

So it comes down to this…which are you going to believe: the results of an independent study (paid for by your neighbors) that is RELIED upon by the legislature, or the word of some disgruntled neighbors that clearly have some kind of ax to grind?

Our preference would be that we not only have no tax increase, but to figure out ways over time to DECREASE taxes.

So we openly ask the opposition: why do you keep trying to scare our citizens with this untruthful claim?

Best Regards,
The Vinings Exploratory Committee

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